Falling Into Fall

How did it happen? It is officially fall...

Then I go outside and it's 90 degrees and I realize it's all an illusion, time that is. We look at the calendar or the clock and think we know. Do we really? If you think about it, Fall in California is in fact Spring in Australia. When it's morning here, it is evening in Europe. So, this being said, time is relative, at least geographically. Could it also be relative in other ways? Take for example a child, who thinks it takes forever for Summer vacation or their Birthday to come round again, versus the parent, who thinks the years fly by far too fast. Then there is the sense of age. For example: If your cat is 20 years old, you would consider them old, but a person would be considered young. There is also the fact of space travel, time dilation & relativity. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_dilation

This has always been an interesting topic to me. One of my personal observations is that people tend to look at time as strictly linear, but if we think of time as never ending, then doesn't a circular model make more sense? Maybe you believe that time does end, or perhaps just time as we know it turning into a timeless eternity where time is simply no longer measured because its unending quality is simply now assumed. So I ask again, in the idea of unmeasured eternity, would that not, if we had to draw it, look much more like a circle than a linear line?

To continue with the idea of circular time, would the circle/time eventually overlap? Or continue to expand. Perhaps the circle loops and the time overlaps at certain points?

Only God can really answer these questions, but it is intriguing to think on. One of my stories in a collection I am writing will deal with just some of these questions. So if you're intrigued, stay tuned to "JCL Production Arts" for the future release date. The collection includes stories surrounding various subjects, questions, and just ideas from my imagination that go beyond the ordinary. I'll give just one more away. This one is purely from my imagination. At least I've never heard of anyone with this ability. The story is a murder mystery that takes place on a Caribbean island filled with tourists. Our protagonist, though, she only speaks English and French, has the ability to understand any language after listening to the speech patterns of just a few sentences. Intrigued? I hope so, as that's all I'm revealing at this point. :-)

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