Winter Wonderland

I spent the first half of November in Sweden and to be honest, I didn't want to leave! While friends in S. Cali. were posting images of thermometers at 100 degrees, I was enjoying the above! I have always been one who prefers to be too cold over to hot. First of all, there's the practical points: you can only take so much off, but you can always layer up with another sweater. You can also turn up the heat or build a fire, while AC's burn out, sometimes electricity gets rationed and ice cubes melt. Then there's the romantic in me who thinks about how nice it is to snuggle up with your special someone, if you're lucky enough to have that someone that is. Maybe this is one of the reasons my characters seem to have more romantic scenes when it's set in winter or a chilly fall day, with raindrops splashing on window panes, while sipping a nice coffee or cocoa. Just thinking about it suddenly makes me want to get back to writing my next book in the Siblings series "Revival"

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