Playing catch up!

Okay, so I may be a bit behind schedule, but things are moving forward! After dealing with extra editing and printing issues, I am now moving again... It is actually a bit of a debate though as to how exactly. I have three books that were put on the back burner while the novel was being buffed and polished... And yes, there will be a 3rd novel to begin work on as well. There may also be the more physical move of location for me personally.

While Southern California, with its sandy beaches and palm trees, is beautiful. It is also incredibly, hot, polluted, crazy busy! I won't even get into the traffic and cost of living. Yikes! I am at heart, a coastal girl though, and having lived in both Washington State and Miami, I am thinking of the one corner I have yet to go. Maine! Now don't get to excited. It's just a possibility, but Maine is kind of a writers haven. I would miss my palm trees terribly, but I would get to watch the leaves turn lovely oranges and golds and snow! I don't know if you are aware, but it doesn't snow in LA. In fact, this is the last week of October and it's been over 100 degrees every day. So, I am seriously thinking that I will just take some extra photos of the palm trees to frame and hang on my wall.

Back to the writing though! You have to admit, at least it hasn't been as long between blog posts :-) As for those next books though, which one to work on first. You see, they have all been started. I would say that they are all at about the 25% mark. So, will it be the teen fantasy? The compilation of short stories? Or the next children's book? The children's book would seem to be the easiest, except that I can't complete that alone, as I can the others. If you have looked at the children's books under You-nique Productions, you will see that they are made in clay. Not the book itself...that would be messy! We build all the characters in clay though. Then we build the sets and photograph to illustrate the books. It's a lot of fun, but a lot of work and it takes a group effort.

It's also another consideration I have to consider when daydreaming about the cool fresh Maine air. Granted, for the difference in living expenses, I could easily visit. Did I mention that Maine is closer to Europe too? The traveler in me likes that! I miss my friends in Europe. If you're reading this, I love you! Miss you!

This makes me think of one of the short stories I will be writing. I'm leaning towards that book, as the research will be fascinating! Anyway, one of the stories deals with bilocation. Really an interesting subject! If you have read this far, you deserve a sneak peek, and I will tell you that each short story

features a unique ability. Another deals with time travel, and another features a protagonist who can understand any foreign language after listening to it for just a few lines.

Hmm... On the other hand, getting the fantasy novel completed would be good as well. I originally had it planned for last year. And so it goes. I am playing catch up and I have a funny feeling it may be a never ending game, but at least I'm moving forward. Perhaps you'll find out where, when I blog again.

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