For the love of research

One of the things I enjoy most about writing is the learning that occurs during the research. While some people may find it daunting, I find it intriguing and filled with a wealth of ideas both for current and future works. While my stories and characters are all fictional, the science and locations are all at least somewhat based in truth.

I would love to say that I have been to all the locations personally, and while I have been to several, others I have only been able to explore via books and videos. But oh! The wealth of fascinating facts and histories I have come across, not to mention the visual stimulation from international television series that allow me to describe and imagine the characters wherever they may lead me. And yes, they do lead me.

The more I delve into the "Siblings" series as well, the more, or rather less, fiction I find it is. In fact there is more genetic manipulation and research going on in humans today than many could even imagine. I am not a doctor or a scientist though, so I can't get too precise in most of the descriptions of the medical procedures mentioned. But again, whether or not they are in fact being performed today or are merely ideas, (I'm not sure that they aren't, because procedures similar to or that may be a precursor to them are definitely being performed in labs around the world)- They are based on scientific research or theories. A little scary, but true. Remember Dolly the sheep? That has been some while ago, so imagine how things may have moved forward since in experiments on humans. Even the Nazis conducted human experiments and attempts at proving genetic superiority. In fact, as far back as ancient Egypt, possibly from the beginning of time people have probed the mind and body for secrets to knowledge and longevity, many of them hoping to become like God in their ability to create and control life.

Reading articles and watching documentaries about these subjects is fascinating. I get to delve into the minds of people who specialize in genetic science, theology and history, as well as other sciences and mysteries of us and the world we all live in together.

For me, research is a kind of connecting to the minds of others in order to expand my own thoughts and ideas into what eventually turn into books.

This is why, while I only have two of the novels completed, there is constantly more in progress, (yes, at the same time) Because "Siblings" is a series in process, it takes current priority. There are however three other major projects in the works, but that is for another blog. For now, I am back to research for the the 3rd book in the series. "Siblings-Revelations" which is well underway, and I am enjoying the journey and all the revelations I am discovering as the characters lead me through their interwoven stories.

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