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Raina Hadock: Shane's sister

Ralph Le'Bonte: Truck driver from Quebec, met Shane in Book 1.

Rene', Lawrence: Officer in Quebec.

Richter Meschner: Meschner's 2nd son.

Roger Montrose: Worker at airstrip.

Rosie Wallace: Claire's daughter, born with physical deformities.

Ross Williams: Hospital lab tech in Quebec.

Russell Babin: Trudie's husband.

Sam Wilson: Jack's cousin.

Sandra Cauldaire': Alice. 

Sara London: Friend & colleague of Magdeline.

Sarah Martinson: Ana's mother.

Sebastian: Leona's son.

Selma Anderson: Forensic specialist in Seattle.

Serena Benoit: Ahmed's sister & Leti's cousin

Serge Mannune: Brazilian Police officer.

Shane McDougle: Lead detective in Seattle, married to Patricia.

Shannon Michaels: Sophie's best friend.

Sherman Ladios: Jonathan.

Shinade Ventoni: P2P wife, works in nursery.

Simon Chedaux: Scientist, married to Josephine.

Solomon Dupont: Security at estate in Brazil.

Sophie O'Hare: Piano teacher from Nova Scotia, Alice's sister.

Soren Anglistan: Scientist at Scangentech, married to Magdeline.

Spencer Anglistan: One of Soren & Magdeline's triplet boys.

Stanley Morgan: Edgar Morgan's father.

Stephan Martinson: Ana's father.

Stephanie Trent: Friend of Martinson's, married to Michael.

Suzanna Morgan: Wife of Edgar Morgan, Alice's mother.

Svend Hennison: Scientist working with Nigel & Katerina at P2P.

Tabetha O'Malley: Amber & Pollina's friend & Callie's sister.

Timothy: Brother at monastery.

Thadeus Anglistan: One of Soren & Magdeline's triplet sons.

Todd Harmon: Crew leader at airstrip.

Tony Bonhomme: Anthony's dad & head vine dresser on the Chedaux estate.

Tresee', Melvin: Grumpy, French municipal police lead.

Trina Landon: Woman at hotel in Quebec, married to Erik.

Trina Vaux: P2P wife working in nursery.

Trudie Lennet-Babin: Soren's section supervisor.

Ulf Martinson: Stephen Martinson's father.

Vena Ford: P2P wife who works in nursery.

Victoria Hamilton: Woman from Australia.

Vivian Marquet: Larry & Margot's daughter.


Zanta, Ramon: Officer in Brazil. 

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