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The cast of "Siblings" book one.
Alphabetical by first or most used name

Adelphi- front desk nurse at hospital in Quebec
Albert Starling- Man Edgar Morgan wants Alice with
Alice Morgan- Edgar & Suzanna Morgan's daughter
Anne Wilson- Jack's mother
Ben Wilson- Jack's dad
Beth- Quill's wife
Blake/ Pastor Blake- Pastor in Nova Scotia
Carl Meschner- Dr. Meschner's youngest son
Caroline- manager of guesthouse Alice & Jack stayed at 
Charice Ryan- Morgan's lead secretary
Cidik-  doctor at University Hospital in Quebec
Claire- Suzanna Morgan's sister
Dave Asher- Seattle police detective
Duyi- Alice's friend in China
Edgar Morgan- Alice Morgan's dad
Ellen- Woman Alice meets at church in Quebec
Frank Amstead- owner of pharma company Morgan is looking to take over 
Gil- Lenny's friend
Haggle- man Alice helped & owner of the car she drove
Ike- Cafe manager where Marion works
Jack Wilson- Sophie's cousin
Jonathan Meschner- 3rd of Dr. Meschner's sons
Jordan- Sophie's childhood doctor
Kartinson- director of children's home in Canada
Korin- doctor at University Hospital in Quebec
Larry Maquet- INTERPOLE liason
L'Coure- inspector in Quebec
Lenny- drunk man on the train
Leon- works at Alexandria guest house in New York
Lidia Yarnok- Seattle police detective
Lily O'Hare- Sophie's mom
Magdeline- Genetic doctor in Switzerland 
Margarita- Sister at convent where Patty grew up
Margot Marquet- Larry's wife
Marin- Hotel Meridian desk clerk
Marion- waitress in cafe who told Shane about seeing Patty 
Marsha- waitress with Marion
Mathias Meschner- Dr. Meschner's oldest son
Max- Charice's boyfriend
Melinda- Alice's friend and an instructor at YMCA in Seattle
Mona- church organist in New York
Nadier- doctor/surgeon University Hospital Quebec
Nick- Jack's best friend & skating coach
Nigel O'Hare- Sophie's dad
Patty- Shane's wife
Philip Katz- man Larry sent to help Shane in Canada
Quill- Jack's uncle
Ralph Le'Bonte- trucker who picks Shane up at airport       
Rene'- inspector in Quebec
Richter Meschner
Robby- Quill and Beth's son
Rosie- Claire's daughter
Sammy- waiter at Turkish Delight cafe'
Sara- Morgan's maid
Selma- Seattle forensic specialist
Shane McDougal- Seattle police captain
Shannon- Sophie's best friend
Shaun- orderly who helped Nadier during Alice's surgery
Shelly- works at Morgan offices in New York
Sophie O'Hare- Alice's twin
Soren Anglistan- scientist at Scangentech in Switzerland
Steve- worker at YMCA in Seattle
Suzanna Morgan- Edgar Morgan's wife & business partner
Tamera- pub waitress
Thomas Marshall- Doctor. Dad to Tom. Missionary
Tom- doctor in Nova Scotia

Walter- waiter on train


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