Growth...Always continue to grow!

So many people get to a certain chronological age and start speaking that it is all down hill from there on. Well, if that is you, Stop it! Stop lying to yourself or making excuses for not growing in your life anymore. There is always more to learn and the idea that you can't learn after a certain age is just plain FALSE! Yes, learning may seem more difficult but that is likely because your learning muscles have just gotten weak. All too often people study and study to get through their education and then once they are in a comfortable position their educational growth go no further than needed to manage some new task. Some people even behave this way while in school, doing just enough to ge

For the love of research

One of the things I enjoy most about writing is the learning that occurs during the research. While some people may find it daunting, I find it intriguing and filled with a wealth of ideas both for current and future works. While my stories and characters are all fictional, the science and locations are all at least somewhat based in truth. I would love to say that I have been to all the locations personally, and while I have been to several, others I have only been able to explore via books and videos. But oh! The wealth of fascinating facts and histories I have come across, not to mention the visual stimulation from international television series that allow me to describe and imagine the

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