Growth...Always continue to grow!

So many people get to a certain chronological age and start speaking that it is all down hill from there on. Well, if that is you, Stop it! Stop lying to yourself or making excuses for not growing in your life anymore. There is always more to learn and the idea that you can't learn after a certain age is just plain FALSE!

Yes, learning may seem more difficult but that is likely because your learning muscles have just gotten weak. All too often people study and study to get through their education and then once they are in a comfortable position their educational growth go no further than needed to manage some new task. Some people even behave this way while in school, doing just enough to get by and if this is you, it may take a little extra work to get your learning in gear. But just like muscles in our arms and legs, our brains too can be buffed up.

So, if there is something new that you have always wanted to learn how to do, start now and don't give up. You'll make it! Like a marathon runner, one step at a time!

Oh? So you don't have the time to learn what you want to learn. Okay, I get it. Start anyway. So what if you learn in smaller increments. Everyone can read at least a few pages a day on their interest, just to get your mind in gear.

For instance, I am trying to learn Russian and French, neither one the easiest language and I am trying to learn them at the same time. Ha, HA HA... I did some research though and as long as the two languages are different enough to not cause confusion between one another, which I am pretty sure these are, it can be done with good success. Do I have time right now while I am writing a third novel, a collection of short stories, researching, attempting to tame and to some degree landscape the field behind where I now live, while also trying to get enough other work to pay the bills and have some degree of a social life? No. But since I won't accept that as an excuse to stop trying, I am making some headway. I speak at least a few more words of each than I did before I started and I understand much more, because while I eat my meals I listen to Russian or French language films on the internet and when I walk or drive, I sometimes listen to lessons. Of course I wish I could be more focused, but there are only so many hours in a day and quite a lot of priorities that need to be addressed first. Like improving my goal of keeping up with this blog and learning new promotional techniques for my books.

After I get to a point where I am at least conversational in Russian and French, I want to go on to learn Swedish, Italian, Greek and Hebrew. I'm thinking that maybe I will pair the Swedish with the Greek and the Italian with the Hebrew. I have to confess I do have some basis for learning the Russian and the Greek. I took Russian in college, but never got much past the alphabet, introducing myself and basic politeness of please and thank you. Russian did help me when I lived in Greece, as the alphabets are quite similar, but when I tried to start learning both together, i would wind up with a sentence half in Greek and half in Russian. So, I let them both slide.

There are a multitude of other things I would like to lean in addition to languages. Just like I wrote in my previous blog, I love the research and the things I learn while doing it for my books. My thought is that learning more languages will only help my learning in other areas as well. The English speaking world does not know everything, and translations don't always do justice to the true meanings. I look forward to being able to read and research texts in other languages as well as speak when I travel and make new friends.

Enough about me though... What do you want to learn? It may note even be something educational. Perhaps you've had a medical issue and you want to learn how to walk or talk again. Perhaps it's even an emotional issue and you want to learn how to trust or simply relax again. Whatever it is. You will succeed, as long as you keep believing that all things are possible. Don't let anyone, even a doctor tell you that something is impossible. It hasn't been that long ago that they thought brain cells couldn't regenerate after a head injury. They have since been proven wrong on that. They used to say that it was impossible for humans to run over certain speeds, but over and over those limits have been broken.

We can all be someone who surpasses the limits, breaks new records or discovers something that changes the world. It could be as simple as an idea.

As long as we are alive, we have the means to grow and I don't mean just our nose and ears. As far as I'm concerned, those can stop. But the fact that they don't is maybe God's way of trying to tell us something? I can't help but wonder... If those continue to grow, and brain cells do regenerate, then wouldn't it make sense that there must be a way that we can grow even physically in areas where conventional wisdom says we don't after a certain age? And what is age anyway, really. We already know that there is a difference between our years and our real age? Okay... I feel myself going on a tangent, better left for another day.

The point is that we were created with the capacity to never stop learning and help others learn. And no matter what our current situation, if we just keep going, we can all achieve feats both mental and physical even beyond our goals!

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