As an only child I got to spend a lot of time with me myself and I. Of course there was the occasional imaginary friend, sometimes even imaginary brothers and sisters. I often wonder how I may have turned out differently if I had had real brothers, sisters and more friends my own age around. I've always been social. My mom told me that when I started pre-school, that instead of crying and the separation anxiety that many children have, I raced off to join the other kids. I have some good memories from preschool. Yes, I really do remember quite a lot from age two forward, perhaps because I had so much time to myself to contemplate everything, but I won't get too cerebral in this post or at l

A revived post

I have only recently started learning and diving in more to social media and marketing. In doing so I have also discovered a lot about myself. Below is a post I had totally forgotten about from 2009, but I want to open with it, because it still holds true. And there is no better way to start a new venture than with love :-) Love. There is so much to say, so many different kinds of love, but It’s Saturday night, so let’s start with romantic love which isn’t always so romantic, so let’s call it true love instead. Have you ever truly loved another? Unconditionally? Allow me to start with my opinion that true love is unconditional. This is not implying that you are indifferent and accept whate

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