New! New! New!

So much has been happening this past year and it is all filled with new promises and new beginnings, new stories and new covers.

A few months ago I made a major decision to pack up my little car and move across the country from California to N. Carolina. It was quite a drive! And I am honestly just now starting to feel settled and getting back into the groove, hopefully a better one than before, of posting and writing.

Work has begun on the 3rd novel of the "Siblings" series. I won't give a release date yet, as I always seem to fall behind. So it is safer not to make those promises. I have also revamped the cover of the first book and hope to have the ebook version of the second formatted shortly.

Also new are the children's items and a few others from You-nique Productions. Please check us out on I need to redo and update the links in the store on this site, as Teespring has made changes. I am currently working to relink donations from our sales to charities. So please make sure there is a verified donation badge attached to the items you purchase and help brighten this Christmas season for children and animals we donate to!

Happy Thanksgiving!