Dreams can come true...

Yes, dreams can come true & it can happen to you... If you recognize what your dreams really are. I would say that my favorite fairy tale is probably Ciderella. I even had an opportunity to go to a ball! Of course I had to go. I was certain that that was where all the best single men would be, but that's the danger. That thought was based on a fairytale, not what I really wanted. I had harbored a dream about a particular man for about a year at this point. One of the scenarios I dreamt of was that we were somewhere cold together and there was a fire. We sat next to it and he put a blanket around me for warmth, then I laid my head on his shoulder. That would be the night we'd fall in love. That was my real dream. It didn't happen to me though. It might have, but I will never know, because the fairytale got in the way. Granted I didn't know until after I committed to the ball that the setting for my real dream would even exist, much less that my prince charming would be there. That is what happened though. I made a commitment to a fairytale and missed my dream and now Prince Charming is with another.

Wow! That does sound pathetic. That's not the intention though. No, the intention is to remind myself as well as anyone who may be reading this to be sure you see the real dream. Hold close to it and don't let the fairytale get in the way. I would give anything to go back in time and be shivering around the fire with him. In reality, it's possible that he still may not have chosen me, but at least I would have had a chance. The truth is, it would have been worth far more than I committed to the fairytale, just to enjoy that time with him. Because I would have preferred to be anywhere with him, than anywhere without him. And I treasure every single instant that I have ever spent with him. Yes, now I'm just getting mushy. It's true though. I've never met anyone else that it feels so good just to be with. It doesn't matter where or what is happening.

I'm not saying fairytales are bad, but don't chase a fairytale, unless it includes your dream. What really matters is who you are with in life, not where you or what you are doing, but who you are with.

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