New Book Excerpt

In Motoxano everyone seemed to sleep late. At least that’s how Veena felt, as she slid from her bed at five–thirty that morning. They were missing the best part of the day she thought, as she gazed at the violet glow rising before her and the final twinkle of the stars as they faded in the morning light. Sneaking past her brother and parents rooms she opened the back door and entered into the new day. She felt the golden dew, moist between her toes. A bright blue Creblia flitted by her to alight in the golden sea of grass. Veena watched, fascinated as it sucked the dew from a few blades. She followed it as it flew away. The Creblia seemed to fly on forever and Veena could have sworn th

Plenty of time?

Do you ever feel like you don't have enough time? I'm guessing that's probably most of you. I look at what I have to do and think to myself, "No problem!" After all, I have 24hrs in a day and only maybe four or five pertinent tasks to perform, some new social media posts, email replies, watch a video tutorial, write a few more pages for my next book, and oh yeah, do the laundry. I should also call some friends, upload some photos and maybe get some groceries. It might also be good, since I'm sitting at a desk for the majority of this to try and work in a work out. Still, I should have plenty of time. After all my laundry mat has WiFi, so I can kill the proverbial two birds with one stone the

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