Plenty of time?

Do you ever feel like you don't have enough time? I'm guessing that's probably most of you.

I look at what I have to do and think to myself, "No problem!" After all, I have 24hrs in a day and only maybe four or five pertinent tasks to perform, some new social media posts, email replies, watch a video tutorial, write a few more pages for my next book, and oh yeah, do the laundry. I should also call some friends, upload some photos and maybe get some groceries. It might also be good, since I'm sitting at a desk for the majority of this to try and work in a work out. Still, I should have plenty of time. After all my laundry mat has WiFi, so I can kill the proverbial two birds with one stone there.

Of course 24hours isn't really 24hrs. I mean you really should sleep at some point. So unless I can learn to type in my sleep, I need to knock it down to 16 or 17 hours. Then there's the daily things that weren't included above like dressing, showering, and other basic hygiene. By the way, I suggest showering before dressing. Then there's the drive to the store, putting the food away, and actually cooking or at least getting food to plate. At the laundry there's the sorting, loading, then the folding and or hanging after. Now I think I need a coffee break. The phone rings...I really should answer this one. An hour later I reheat coffee and sit down at my computer. Of course before actually posting on social media, you need to check others posts and any messages to you and reply, like or share accordingly. Okay, now I'm ready! I make my FB posts & tweet with about 11hours to go. I'm moving right along and feeling accomplished!

Time for lunch. A half hour later: What is it about lunch that makes you sleepy? Well, they do say a nap is good to regenerate the creative juices. An hour later: I really should make some new Pinterest pins. Oh drat! I've forgotten to charge the camera. I'll charge it while I check my Pinterest accounts and see what new pins are out there. That looks beautiful, let's check a few travel sights to see if we can squeeze in a vacation between the event I promised to cook for next week and the conference I'm scheduled to attend two weeks later. Another hour later, I realize I forgot about my friends engagement party that falls right in between, so the trip will have to wait. The camera is now charged, but first I need to pin and copy down a few recipes that just look too good to pass up. Okay, really, I'm on task. Let me just go get the mail. Ugh, bills! Okay, I guess this should be gotten out of the way, so I check my accounts and schedule my payments feeling relieved to get that out of the way. Okay, back to the scheduled tasks. I set up the card table and arrange props to try to achieve the ultimate pin. Then I go into another program to put the pin together. Of course I have messages on that sight, one of which I must look at about a photo contest. Hmm, I think I may have just the photo for that. It can't hurt to enter right? You never know if you don't try. Another hour later, I have entered the contest and made two new pins. Of course, I have to look at everyone else again as well while I'm on the sight.

I now have approximately 6 hours left. The sound of my nieghbors rolling their trash and recycle bins down the drive reminds me that I need to gather and take mine out as well. It should only take a few minutes. As I come back up the drive though I realize that I really need to water my plants. That's just another 10 minutes or so. Okay, let's get back to work...Hold on, I have a text coming in. I need to look up some information to send to my business partners.

Another hour later; I'm hungry again, well it is 7:30. This will work out well though. Dinner needs about 20 minutes in the oven and that's about how long my workout usually takes. I return 25 minutes later, feeling quite accomplished, especially since I watched one of those tutorial videos while working out too. Unfortunately, I forgot that I needed to turn the heat down on the oven 15 minutes ago, and in fact turn it off completely 5 minutes ago. Dinner and the oven are both a bit of a mess. I'm ordering pizza. No time is wasted as I clean up the mess from the oven while waiting for the pizza. It is however now nearly 9pm. I manage to write one page. Well, I guess that's better than nothing. I yawn, do one more check of incoming messages, put my replies on tomorrows to do list, brush my teeth and go to bed, wondering where the day went, but I know I'll get caught up tomorrow. After all, I have 24 hours in a day. Seriously, all I really need to be caught up on everything is about 428 days of nothing else to do. It only took me a couple of hours to figure that out too!

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