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The editing process can be nearly as time consuming as the writing process, especially when everyone who promises to help has something else come up that they put ahead. By the grace of God and my mother, who spent a week and a half reading it line by line with me, it is finally not just done, but ready and available!

Per the requests, after my first novel, I have included a extensively complete listing of any character so much as mentioned in this novel, including pets, in a handy alphabetical list at the back. I have to admit to using it myself sometimes! Yes, there are a lot of characters, but isn't that how real life goes? You run into people at the store, at work, church, walking in a park, or as you do just about anything outside of your house. And we never know how even the smallest interactions may affect our future or theirs. Who are they? Will you see them again? It's hard to say. That being said...I decided that there is no irrelevant characters. Any one of them may decide to crop up and take on an even bigger role in a future storyline, like a couple from my first book did! I was glad to see them again, as I hope you will be too!

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