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I have only recently started learning and diving in more to social media and marketing. In doing so I have also discovered a lot about myself. Below is a post I had totally forgotten about from 2009, but I want to open with it, because it still holds true. And there is no better way to start a new venture than with love :-)

Love. There is so much to say, so many different kinds of love, but It’s Saturday night, so let’s start with romantic love which isn’t always so romantic, so let’s call it true love instead. Have you ever truly loved another? Unconditionally? Allow me to start with my opinion that true love is unconditional. This is not implying that you are indifferent and accept whatever the other person may dish out, but rather that you continue to love the other person even when you don't necessarily like them. People can do some really unlikable things, even those we love. This is important to realize and not make our love conditional on whether we like the other or not at any given time. This is also not to say however that liking the other person is not relevant. You want to like the person you marry, hopefully our true love. Just realize that you are not likely to like everything about them all the time. This being said, I will tell you that I believe I have truly loved romantically twice. The first, well that’s a story I won’t go into detail on, except to say that he was one of the most beautiful people I ever met and that he is now home with God. Not quite sure if I want to continue now. Even though it was 20 yars ago I always get emotional when I think of him. I do want to make one thing more clear on true love. It is not the same as being “in love with”. In love with implies that the other person loves you as well and while I believe he loved me as a friend, unfortunately he was already dating another friend of ours, and so yes, you can love truly alone. Just as God loves us all even when we are unlikable and even when we don’t love Him back, such is true love. I’ll continue this later.

Good night.

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