It's done but...

Well, the second novel is finally done! At least for the most part, but I am unfortunately unable to pay for a cover designer or editor. While I have gone through and self-edited, I was thrilled when a friend offered to read it and edit it for me. So for the sake of my readers, it is going through additional edits.

I also must apologize for being so remiss in getting posts done. However, I keep finding that I simply run out of time each day, and God has not yet seen fit to give me the 196hr or at least 48 hr days I have been requesting. A normal person would say I am trying to do too much, and me in fact being a relatively normal person, would agree with them. The question is how? Because like most people I have to do other work to pay the bills and fulfill previous obligations as well as write, edit, design and attempt to market. See anything there that can be cut? Yes, I know what you are thinking, cut the previous obligations, but said obligations have already been cut about 75% and the ones that are left, include my company You-nique Productions, whose website is linked to this one, an entertainment organization that I help out once every other month and is also a prime place for making contacts, and one Sunday morning a month at church. Aside from that the only area left is eating, exercise, mandatory washing up and sleep. I have already cut the last substantially and it is not a good look.

Alright, I feel like this is becoming the whiney blog, which was not the intention. In fact I am currently looking forward to a break, starting tomorrow! (((Big Smile))) Hopefully there will not be too many corrections to make from the edit when I return and I may still make my goal of it being published by Summer! I technically have until sundown Sept. 21st. Aww! That's a sigh of relief right there!

The photo posted next to this blog is a sneak peak at one of the potential cover designs!b :-)

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