Happy New Year!

January 13, 2018

I hope that this New Year 2018 sees us all being blessed with much joy, creativity, productivity, and making the most out of all our talents! I hope you also take time to enjoy the world around you. The news may look depressing sometimes, but there is so much beauty, and that is what I wish for us all to see and focus more on. Take time to stop and smell the flowers, look up at the starry night sky, feel the breeze on your face. Perhaps you are, unlike us here in California, enduring cloudy skies and frigid weather... Well, take time to catch up on some reading or writing. Call a friend to catch up. Build a snowman and/or bake some cookies... There is always something good we can be doing and enjoying for both ourselves and others. If you are somewhere with blizzard like conditions, you can offer to help shovel a neighbors drive and then invite them in to share those cookies you're making! The point is, wherever you are, take time to enjoy it and the people in your life. Let's make 2018 AMAZING!



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